We have puppies!!!

4 females and 1 male are still looking for new owners.

Rovne Stardogs

We are a small family kennel of the Landseer dog breed. Friendly large dogs with a massive body, strong limbs and a prominent head.

Landseer breed

The origin of this dog breed goes deep into the past, to the island of Newfoundland. It was probably created by crossing the dogs of the original inhabitants of the island and the dogs of the first European fishermen - the Portuguese, the Spanish and the British. The dogs were massive, with black, reddish-brown, or white-black fur.

They were popular water dogs, used for work in English ports, but also as social dogs of the nobility and the upper middle class.

They got their name from the English painter Edwin Henry Landseer, who often painted them.


Obraz Landseera


Name: CALLA Tobi Miracle Star

Father: Fuerza Real DON DARIO

Mother: AFRA Tobi Miracle Star

Date of birth: 30.5.2021

Registration number: SPKP 443

Bonded from: 23.4.2023

Landseer má rád vodu